A Tribute to Henry John McKay

On December 6 2012 John Mckay sadly lost his battle with liver cancer and passed away peacefully at St Vincent’s Hospital in Melbourne.

John Mckay will be dearly missed by everyone who knew him and will be particularly missed by anyone and everyone who has been associated with the ABSC and the VBSA throughout the past 40years. John was a past President of the VBSA and he was a Life Member of both associations.

When you walked into a room where Johnny was, a congenial giant of man – who could not notice the big, friendly, engaging smile that would greet you. He genuinely loved people and that was obvious when you were in his company.

John was not just a Champion person – he was Champion snooker player and formidable billiards and pool player. Johnny Mckay won the first three City of Melbourne Snooker Championships. He also won the 1981 Victorian Snooker Championship where he defeated Bobin Beggs in the final. Stories abound that it was a nail-biting finish and it is still talked about today.

Johnny was the 1981 Victorian Snooker Champion!

A photo of John as the 1981 Champion graces the stairwell of the Brunswick Club, along with other great Champions. You can see the beaming smile of Johnny looking at you whenever you are traversing the stairs to the snooker room.

Stories about Johnny Mckay will go on for many years to come – he was a legend in his own lifetime and the legend will live on.

Junior snooker thrived under the guidance and support of John Mckay as the President of VBSA and member of the ABSC. During that era players such Neil Robinson, Steve Mifsud, James Mifsud, Johl Younger, Andrew Hicks and many junior champion players thrived under his stewardship as he fostered the growth of snooker and billards in Australia.

Many of our past junior players will recall the days when junior Championships were played at major
Shopping Centres such as Westfield in Victoria in an effort to promote and showcase our great game The larger than life figure of John Mckay could always be seen in the background and in the audiences offering support to our budding champion.

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