Dated from 1911, the two storey brick Edwardian building of the Brunswick club was the first building constructed in Brunswick specifically as a cinema. Since then, the club has seen many reformations, a boxing stadium, a dance hall, an office of social movements and today a snooker and billiards centre with bar facilities.

As a proud resident on Sydney Road, the club has become the major provider of quality services in the local community. Our exclusive member benefits include cheapest drinks in town, a first-class snooker room, and many more…

The Brunswick snooker and billiards players continue to have success in the local and national championships. Most notably, James Mifsud qualified to play in the Australian Goldfields Open for the second consecutive year while Steve Mifsud won Australian National Billiards 2012 (timed event) and Australian Open Billiards 2012 (150up). Also, our young up-and-coming junior player Arthur Lin became the first player to win both the Australian Under-15 and Under-18 Snooker Championships 2013. Recently, Steve Mifsud won the 2014 Oceania Men’s Snooker Championship, earning a place on the professional tour for two years.

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