Snooker and Billiards Report 2013

It was a sad occasion to lose our great friend and champion snooker player, Henry John McKay on 6 December 2012. We will always affectionately remember John McKay, and his name will live on with the snooker room having been previously named in his honour.

It has been another successful year in billiards and snooker for 2013.

We now have a wonderful new website to promote the Brunswick Club and snooker and billiards activities.

There have been some notable achievements from this great club in 2013 with a summary as follows:

-Steve Mifsud defeated Johl Younger 5-4 in the RACV Australian National Snooker Championship 2013.
-Steve Mifsud defeated Peter McCullagh in the West Coast International 2013.
-Steve Mifsud defeated Shaun Dalitz 5-1 in the Cit of Melbourne Snooker Championship 2013.
-Steve Mifsud defeated Ben Judge 5-1 in the Queensland Open Snooker Championship 2013.
-Steve Mifsud was runner-up to Matthew Bolton in the Oceania Billiards Championship 2013.
-Brunswick United defeated Brunswick City 10-9 in an all-Brunswick final in the A Grade Premier Snooker final. James Mifsud had a season high break of 139.
-Charlie Chafe defeated Arthur Lin 6-2 in the Australian Under 21 Snooker Championship 2013.
-Arthur Lin defeated Ben Foster (WA) in the Australian Under 18 Snooker Championship 2013.
-Arthur Lin defeated Hayden Goode (Qld) in the Australian Under 15 Snooker Championship 2013 and made a 133 clearance high break.
-Arthur Lin, Charlie Chafe, and Ryan Thomerson all represented Australia at the IBSF World Under 21 Snooker Championship in China and all players made it through to the final 56.
-Arthur Lin upstaged all-comers in the Frankston Masters invitational snooker event and won.
-Kathy Howden was runner-up to Jessica Woods in the Australian National Women’s Snooker Championship 2013.

Another highlight of the year was Arthur Lin’s television interview on the ABC 7:30 Report, giving exposure to our great young talent and future champion of snooker.

The great tradition of billiards, snooker, and pool continues to thrive at the Brunswick Club.

The new website will help to promote billiards and snooker at the Brunswick Club and the tradition should continue for many years to come.

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